Coffee machine La Spaziale S15 Basic


    Professional capsule coffee machine with manual capsule ejection by lever

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    • Professional capsule machine with manual capsule ejection by lever
    • Compatibility with the most popular capsule formats on the market
    • Adjustable coffee delivery group spout (from 60 to 100mm) with led illumination
    • Graphic Display tft 3,5 ‘’ RGB
    • Electronic control (by P.I.D sytem) of each delivery group temperature with independent temperature regulation
    • Pressure control of water and hot water boiler by digital pressure switch
    • Indicator to warn of lack of water in the tank
    • Built-in vibrating pump for each delivery group
    • Adjustable pre infusion for coffee extraction
    • Shut down function for each delivery group and for steam and hot water boiler (energy saving)
    • Control of malfunction alarms
    • Inner 5 liter tank with water refilling from above and with built-in water softener
    • Indicator for exhausted water softener resins
    • 1 stainless steel steam wand
    • 1 hot water output
    • 3 lt boiler for HOT WATER and STEAM
    • Exhausted capsule box with a capacity of 30 capsules for each delivery group
    • Power supply: 208/240 Vac 60 Hz – 220/240 Vac 50 Hz
    • Power absorption: 2600 W max
    • Access to the parameters of the machine protected by pin code
    • USB Connection
    • Possibility to import logos, tft display images (screensaver)
    • Coffee Dose Counters
    • Timer for group and boiler switch on-off

    Additional information

    Weight34 kg
    Dimensions60 × 45 × 47 cm


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